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The Szárnyas Sárkányok - The Winged Dragons Theatre founded by the idea of Zsolt Szász and David Fekete street performers, puppeteers, directors, in 2006 in Nyírbátor, Hungary, as the official street theatre group of the biggest hungarian street festival called The Winged Dragon International Street Festival.

Young and talented puppeteers, dancers, musicians, jugglers and scenographers joined to perform and create, and started to work on contemporary street theatre shows.

Now the Winged Dragons Theatre is one of the  biggest and most succesfull independent street theatre company in Hungary.


The Winged Dragons Theater is a partner in the "Gateway to La Strada IV" project.

Together with theaters from Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, we lead the workshops and after workshops presentations for young people and show our performance.

More information about the project you can find at:

The project is supported financially by the International Visegrad Found:


What we do


Stilts theatre

Saint George and the dragon
Saint George and the dragon

Street theatre on stilts with giant puppets

The rite
The rite

Mythical stories on stilts

Stilts street show
Stilts street show

Live music and interaction

The classical story of Saint George and the dragon, the battle of giants, with a use of commedia dell'arte and live music.

Saint George and the dragon

The rite

Stilts street show

The rites of humanity from sowing to harvesting, about hunting, marriage, from birth to death, with interaction, live music and a sense of hungarian folklore.

Interactive spoken street comedies on stilts with live music.


Walking acts

We're participating on parades or make individual walking acts on streets, malls or expos with stilts, live music or giant puppets.




Puppet theatre

coming soon...


Street theatre

coming soon...



coming soon...



Hungarian folk playground, not only for children.

We build and make the games work for festivals, expos or any event.





Hungarian folk music and dance.



Only avaible in hungarian language.

David Fekete

H-5350 Tiszafüred, Hungary

Rókás Szőlő u. 68.

+36/20 263-1828


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